QGIS WFS 2.0 Client Plugin – Improvements

Since version 0.9.3 the WFS 2.0 Client has been able to load multiple feature types from one GML file. For instance this is the case if a complex application schema is used. Also nonspatial feature types will be loaded.


Another limitation has been the support of feature types using multiple geometry types. Now the WFS 2.0 Client will split them into separate layers (Point, Line, Polygon).


In version 0.9.2 the support of complex application schema has been improved. You can use the OGR „Resolve elements (xlink:href)“ capabilities which integrate the properties of the referenced features into the origin feature. The internal data structure will be still „flat“. You can enable this feature in the new Config menu. „Resolve elements“ is only available if Resolvedepth > 0.


For example GML references are used in the INSPIRE data specification on Addresses. The following images show the result of the OGR element resolving. You can try this feature with the WFS 2.0 of the deegree INSPIRE Demo Workspace.


Adresse ohne aufgelöste Referenzen

Feature type Address without resolved references.

Adresse mit aufgelösten Referenzen

Feature type Address with resolved references.

Please feel free to report your feedback and share your thoughts.

Ein Gedanke zu „QGIS WFS 2.0 Client Plugin – Improvements

  1. Hi!

    We are from Sao Paulo City – Brazil, governamental company. We have a webmap aplication, named „GeoSampa“: http://geosampa.prefeitura.sp.gov.br/
    We need to edit layers by WFS Connection in QGIS. Even use WFS 2.0 puglin, the layer doesn`t turn editable.
    We use PostGIS and GeoServer, with the configurations and permissions aproppriated.
    Do you know why the QGIS doesn`t support WFS 2.0 edition?

    Thank you so much! Carolina Bracco.

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