INSPIRE pre-defined Atom Download Service – Client for QGIS

INSPIRE presented a special Atom Profile (syndication format) as one way to implement pre-defined dataset download services (Technical Guidance for the implementation of INSPIRE Download Services 3.0). The following article will introduce the INSPIRE Atom Client Plugin for QGIS which is currently in development.


  • Supports INSPIRE Atom Feeds (INSPIRE pre-defined Atom) (TG Chapter 5)
  • Supports multiple CRS, language, format combinations (TG Chapter 5.2)
  • Supports Multi-Part-Downloads (TG Chapter 5.2.4)
  • English User-Interface
  • Based on the Technical Guidance for the implementation of INSPIRE Download Services 3.0


How to download a dataset:

  1. Download the INSPIRE Atom Service Feed (“Get Metadata“)
  2. Select a dataset using the click tool
  3. Check title, summary, resource identifier, rights
  4. Select an available representation
  5. Download the dataset – composed of one or more files („Get Spatial Dataset“)
  6. Finally QGIS tries to load the downloaded files as layers


Pre-defined Atom Examples – Bavaria (Updated 2013-01-23):

(„INSPIRE non-interoperable Download Services“ – TG Chapter 4.4.1)
Original Datasource: Bayerische Vermessungsverwaltung – (CC-BY)

Administrative Units
Service Feed:

This Atom Feed is an adapter to be able to use WFS 1.1.0 as INSPIRE pre-defined Downloadservice. WFS 1.1.0 is not supported as INSPIRE pre-defined WFS because of the missing Stored Queries functionality.

Digital Topographic Map 1:500.000
Service Feed:

Digital Terrain Model 200m
Service Feed:


OpenSearch Request Examples

OpenSearch Description Document

Describe Spatial Dataset

Get Spatial Dataset &crs=EPSG:4258&language=ger



Since QGIS 1.8.0 the plugin is available in the default repository (activate experimental plugins).



  • The plugin is experimental
  • The plugin is OpenSource (GPL)
  • The plugin requires QGIS 1.7.4 or higher
  • The plugin uses the proxy settings in the QGIS configuration


The development of the plugin is part of my master’s thesis (beMasterGIS).
Please provide your Atom Feeds for testing purpose. Feel free to comment!

31 Gedanken zu „INSPIRE pre-defined Atom Download Service – Client for QGIS

  1. This looks very very promising! Do you know if all institutions that have to report / deliver data within INSPIRE are aware of the AtomFeed and how it works?

    thank you very much for this news!

  2. Hi, I just installed your plugin and when I try to get it activated, the plugin manager said it was installed in „Plugins menu / toolbar“, but it turns out not to be there. Is it something that depends on you or on the plugin manager.

    Thanks for your work.

  3. Hi,
    a colleague drew my attention to this, so I easily downloaded & installed it. And pointed it our ‚under development‘ Atom feed(s), in It says it can’t read it – my guess was that we’re hitting some validation issue: currently we have put the inspire_dls bits at the end, and have category & georss the other way round.

    That lead me to discover that there is no authoritative xsd for Atom, and that neither of us match the order in

    Could this be my problem, or is there something else?


    • Hello Angelo,

      thank you for your links. For this examples there are no Service-Metadata-Documents available.

      The OpenSearch description document found at URL „“ is invalid because The resource url: „“ did not respond within 5000ms (see documentation)

      Why did this test fail (maybe Port 8080 or Redirect)?

  4. Hi Jürgen, nice work, I get quite some errors though when connecting to inspire feeds, is there a logfile somewhere where i can look for more info about the errors? We are developing an Inspire opensearch endpoint on the geonetwork metadata catalogue and would like to use your tool to test the endpoint (or at least support Qgis as a client).

    for example these feed throw generic errors: „can not read inspire format“

    • Issues in the TopFeed:

      • Because of the non-used GML-Namespace-Declaration QGIS is choosing the wrong vector driver (GML instead of GeoRSS).
      • In the Entries: The GeoRSS-Simple-Element is missing.
      • In the Entries: The INSPIRE-Extension (Identifier code/namespace) is missing.
  5. Hallo,
    auf der Suche nach einer simplen Blattschnittübersicht für Bayern in QGIS bin ich auf diverse ATOM Feeds zum herunterladen gestoßen.
    Leider erschließt sich mir nicht im geringsten wie man diese verwenden soll. Offensichtlich sollte mal das Plugin das bewerkstelligen. Das scheint aber seit geraumer Zeit nicht mehr zu funktionieren. Ist ja nett, dass das alles schön EU-konform ist, aber warum erfindet man ein Datenformat, das erst mal keiner benutzen kann?
    Was kann man tun?


  6. Moin,

    auf der Suche nach verschiedenen Datengrundlagen aus dem bayerischen Geoportal bin ich auf INSPIRE Atom Client gestoßen. Leider scheint es nur für die QGis Versionen 2.4.0 – 2.99 zur verfügung zu stehen.
    Gibt es eine Nachfolgeversion um die verschiedenen Daten aus dem Geoportal im QGIS darzustellen?
    Vielen Dank im Voraus.

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